To the Theosophical and Krishnamurti Archives: 

For the past 35 years my life has been immersed in caring for and understanding The Ross Collection: that is, collecting, preserving and writing about the people, organizations, activities and events that shaped Krishnamurti’s early life and teachings.

Life events, forces and circumstances have placed me in between two paradigms and the organizations that express these different ‘ways of seeing,’ Theosophy and the contemporary foundations that serve Krishnamurti’s legacy. 

The paradigm that defines each organization also shapes its values and priorities. On the surface the two organizations appear quite different. At a deeper level they are more similar. What bind these two organizations is, of course, Krishnamurti, his remarkable life and the preservation of his legacy.

Being in the middle I am considered somewhat of an outcast by each organization, not quite fitting either culture. Rather than this middle position being suspect, I invite you to consider that my deeply vetted and tenured experience represents a rare and valuable asset to both organizations; a bridge of shared meaning that enhances both.

In addition to my extensive subject knowledge and appreciation for the subject I bring twenty-five years of experience in fine book restoration, manuscripts, old papers, and the care of photographs. The task of organizing, researching, cross indexing thousands of pages of rare original document and published eight independent books, over 2,000 pages, represents meticulous detail and documentation skills. The very skills every fine archive demands. 

The shared responsibility of accurately documenting, preserving and representing the events and individuals that groomed young Krishnamurti and how he eventually reached beyond their forms is a rigorous and demanding historical challenge. With every passing year the number of people with the knowledge needed to interpret and index the documents in both the TS and K archives and those in the Ross Collection grow fewer. This has been the center of my life, my profession and passion for more than a quarter of a century. I am unequally qualified and extend this sincere invitation to explore ways that I might become an active participant, a consultant to your shared preservation efforts. 

In addition to indexing and digitizing The Ross Collection I would welcome the invitation to spend two months at each archive: Wheaten and Adyar, The KFA, KFT and KFI. Serving as a bridge between these organizations where my unique knowledge base and archival skills will be an invaluable assets as this critical period when Krishnamurti’s legacy is defined for future generations.


Joseph Ross