I am an independent historian and don’t presuppose agreement or disagreement from any group. I just want to offer relevant evidence to all interested. I trust the value of the data herein presented will grow with the passing years. Posterity will preserve the work with care from the fact that it perpetuates biographical history that otherwise would be wholly lost. The history of any organization is best told in a record of the lives of its people. These books are not a publication of propaganda, but a means of protecting new members from inaccuracies which they have not the wherewithal to gauge. I would recommend the reader of this history not to be too concerned with success and failure. I would like to point out; when Krishnamurti broke away from the organization of the Theosophical Society, “You cannot give a poison from one side and the remedy from the other, that is to say give with one hand what I call Poison, organizations, discipleship, Masters; and with the other the remedy, the remedy against fear, against lack of understanding and intelligence”.