Indira Gandhi, Elizabeth Taylor, Martha Graham, Mae West, Peter Sellers, Cleveland Amory, John and Robert Mitchum.

Those were just a few of the luminaries whose paths crossed that of Joseph Ross, now of Taormina California, during his 20 years as companion to famed ballerina who had studied with the Russian dancer Anna Pavlova, Indian political figure for ten years and education champion founded her own cultural program, Kalakshetra, Rukmini Devi Arundale. From the very first meeting, Rukmini Devi encouraged Ross to start collecting rare archives of the founding of the Krotona Institute and documents showing the relationship of J. Krishnamurti as the World-Teacher, and the part he played in the Adyar Theosophical Society.

Ross devoted a greater part of the 40 years to building the rare archives comprising of film reels around the time period of 1920, a large collection of manuscripts, letters, books and publications regarding the Esoteric Section known as the Esoteric School; World-Mother Movement; Co-Freemasonry; and the Liberal Catholic Church; photographs; slides, audiotapes, sheet music written by early theosophical leaders from the turn of the century to 2010. The collection houses more than 40,000 letters.

The Ross Collection provides reference services for scholars and those interested in a more extensive study of the relationship J. Krishnamurti had with the founding of the Krotona Institute and his connection with the Esoteric Section of the Theosophical Society.

The Ross Collection contains a unique record of the life of A.P. Warrington, the founder of the Krotona Institute in Hollywood around 1911, including some of the richest and most influential members of Hollywood society, later helped build the Hollywood Bowl and nearby Greek Theater, today known as the Ford Theater; and the history when the Krotona Institute moved to Ojai, California in 1924.