I wrote 12 volumes on the known and unknown history and hidden agendas within Krotona, the Theosophical Society and its relationship to J. Krishnamurti. These 12 volumes are valuable sourcebooks for the first time with intimate letters of renowned Dr. Annie Besant and others leaders of the Adyar Theosophical Society shedding much light on the early history of the theosophical movement and its leaders, both in the United States and around the world. I personally found all 12 volumes suitable for classroom discussion, and essential reading for those interested in Utopian experiments.

I am an independent historian and don’t presuppose agreement or disagreement from any group. I just want to offer relevant evidence to all interested. I trust the value of the data herein presented will grow with the passing years. Posterity will preserve the work with care from the fact that it perpetuates biographical history that otherwise would be wholly lost. The history of any organization is best told in a record of the lives of its people. These books are not a publication of propaganda, but a means of protecting new members from inaccuracies which they have not the wherewithal to gauge. I would recommend the reader of this history not to be too concerned with success and failure. I would like to point out; when Krishnamurti broke away from the organization of the Theosophical Society, "You cannot give a poison from one side and the remedy from the other, that is to say give with one hand what I call Poison, organizations, discipleship, Masters; and with the other the remedy, the remedy against fear, against lack of understanding and intelligence". This includes initiations and rituals.

Volume I, reveals a true life story that will intrigue and entertain you. The glittering Hollywood famed movie capital of the world, and its relationship with the capital of a society of theosophists. Original documents reveal the Krotona colony was built to imitate the Pythagorean colony of ancient Italy and to be the home of the future World-Teacher, J. Krishnamurti. You will be astonished to learn that The Theosophical Society almost bought about 70% of Baja California in 1910 in a deal that involved $200,000,000. Warrington’s dream of a drama that would synthesize all forces in the world of art unfolded "The Light of Asia" and the founding of the Hollywood Bowl.

Volume II continues with letters from the Ross Collection of the founders, printed verbatim, which offer a rich insight into the dedication, sacrifice, failures and achievements of those who dared to expose a unique cause for the betterment of humanity. Not unmindful of material realities, the founders erected Spanish and Moorish edifices of great beauty and transformed the land into refreshing and lovely gardens which have become historical recognition. I must report, that this book Krotona of Old Hollywood Voulme II of 526 pages is not complete. Yes, there is another volume with about 500 pages never published held within the Ross Collection. I believe as far as I know, nowhere is there a collected and authentic account of the Krotona colony of the Twentieth century. I want to see that the history of Krotona is factually documented as written by the leaders for future generations.

Volume III continues with strong characters who tried to advance a new idea or seek to revive an old concept. Madame Blavatsky met with bitter opposition and persecution. The drama continues with Warrington as he moved the Hollywood Krotona to Ojai, California. I must say, that the Ross Collection contains material dealing with the history of the Adyar Theosophical Society, the Liberal Catholic Church, and its leaders, Annie Besant, C.W. Leadbeater, C. Jinarajadasa, and George Arundale. I know that some students of Theosophy may consider the publication of the facts of Krotona’s history as unfriendly or unethical, but the facts that the Krotona Institute of Theosophy is a subsidiary activity of the Esoteric School of Theosophy and not of the Theosophical Society. I want to say I am no longer a member of the Theosophical Society, nor a member of the Esoteric School.

Volume IV continues with the selling of Krotona property in Hollywood, and I am aware that these volumes are not easy to read, for they are a collection of historical documents, and letters that should not be read as a novel, but rather used as a reference material for future research. I must state, that my endeavor is not to make an advertisement for Theosophy, but a factual history according to the documents. There was much confusion as to who owns Krotona, Esoteric Section or The Theosophical Society.

Volume V is written to show that historical events of facts might destroy some of the beautiful myth’s that have been hitherto thought to be veritable history. Just because a story is generally believed to be true is not conclusive evidence that it is true. I have tried to present you, the reader with an unbiased history of the civic and social life of the Krotona community, to tell the story of its evolution from an idea Warrington had as a young man to its founding and its flourishing into the 21st century. The book gives insight behind the scenes that have never been made public. I published documents to remind fellow readers, that no organization, including Krotona, can be religious; only people can be religious.

Volume VI, this volume is a shattering account of Krishnamurti’s departure from the Adyar Theosophical Society which was seriously misunderstood. It engendered myths alive today and that will likely engage scholars for a thousand years. The early leaders trying to convince their members into agreement with their ideas on the Masters, and manufacturing more Masters extending even to forcing belief in a synthesis with Hindu Esotericism. Much of this information is not available anywhere else.

Volume VII, is my last attempt to cover the history of Krotona. Even though, I repeat myself, repetition has certain value. We should remember that the word is not the thing, but what lies behind the words. The best corrective of error is an honest and open-minded examination of all facts subjective and objective. Misleading hidden agendas has given the death blow to numerous organizations. In this volume we observe that thought has been responsible for the division of man, division of all religions. I tried to show that history repeats itself. Yes, library shelves are filled with volumes of historical data and accounts of historical events, but where are the volumes that deal with events as a philosophy of history, or that deal with history as a mighty cultural thread, which runs through the loom of time? Is history merely the accidental occurrence of events, or is it the record of life revealing itself in space and time? The point of view, which we adopt, will greatly influence our interpretation of the events written within all volumes.

Spirit of Womanhood is written from my personal journey with Rukmini Devi I had over several years. I asked many questions over these years of Rukmini which are kept in the Ross Collection. Those letters and interviews in all sincerity are a true source for those who are especially interested in the history of the movement called "World-Mother" within the Adyar Theosophical Society. These letters indicate that "Another curious myth seems to be arising in which it is suggested that the World-Mother will manifest Herself through the physical body of Rukmini Devi Arundale in the same way as the World-Teacher manifests Himself through that of J. Krishnamurti". In a letter from C.W. Leadbeater to George Arundale, states "Rukmini will represent the World-Mother, but that she will not be in same position as Krishnaji, nor on his level with the Maitreya".

Krishnamurti: The Taormina Seclusion 1912 is a rare collection of eyewitness accounts, to chronicle the esoteric preparation of a World-Teacher in waiting. I wrote this book to contain a treasure house filled with marvelous riches, a vast repository containing authoritative information regarding the hidden agenda taken place in Taormina around 1912. The book is interspersed with helpful events and Krishnamurti’s so called teaching life as he traveled back and forth among the continents. Krishnamurti was deeply grateful to Annie Besant, calling her "Amma", which means "mother", for seeing to his early education. The book was read as a narration telling a story along with a 30-minute historical black and white silent film, circa 1927 impression of Krishnaji's life.

Secrets Hidden Agendas in the Theosophical Society and the Egyptian Rite pulls back the curtain of one’s psychological ego as a mirror image of culture, reveals the true function of that identity; and why I published Secrets Hidden Agendas in the Theosophical Society and the Egyptian Rite in three volumes. The mystery of all time was the founding of a new esoteric organization, the Egyptian Rite of Ancient Freemasonry designed to be the most secret, the most exclusive and the most powerful occult group in the world, was not created by C.W. Leadbeater, but by George Arundale. Admission was to be by invitation only. I was introduced to this organization when I lived with Rukmini Devi many years ago. As far as I know, the complete history of the Egyptian Rite has not been published until now.

These three volumes do not represent one man, but they are the mirror of a host of men playing the game of becoming, the psychological Ego. I tried to expose, in impersonal narratives, the crying vices and evils of the day, the psychological Ego creating the mystery in which we live and makes us so ignorant. It is the swaying, vibrating, never resting desires of the ego in man playing the game of becoming.

To begin this arduous task; we must lay the foundation first, "Man Know Thy Self," the inner workings of the psychological Self. Making available these three volumes may allow the readers to see clearer, and according to facts, the truth behind the founding of the ritual, instead of prejudging agreeably to rooted misconceptions. Then and not till, will the organization find itself forced to acknowledge that they were wrong, but to bring this to fruition, people have to act as such. To see the truth of rituals and initiations have never saved man, or freed him from pain sorrow, and so on. You must have a free, open mind. A mind must be inquiring, asking, doubting, and to doubt is the most dangerous thing for most people. Overall, reification is the tendency for individuals to ascribe a definitive value or form to an abstract concept. The founding of the Egyptian Rite is a concrete fallacy; this occurs when an abstract belief or concept is treated as if it was tangible or real. The Fallacy is the process of assigning a psychological property to an object as if it had its own capabilities.

There is evidence in the research found on Belzoni’s manuscripts, in A.D. 1818 drawings regarding Egyptian Freemasonry, what is called the Egyptian Rite is illustrated by colored drawings, as found on the walls of the rock-excavated from the Masonic Temple, constructed by Pharaoh Seti I. and his son Rameses II. It was published by the New York Herald, February 16, 1880. I personally spent several weeks researching the Masonic Temple regarding the Egyptian Rite Ritual in Egypt back in the 1980’s as I was then beginning to write the history of the ER according to the written records by C.W. Leadbeater and George Arundale. Anyone who take the trouble to read and consider Belzoni’s illustrations, will realize that secret societies like Freemasonry existed in remote antiquity. George Arundale had access to this material when he said that he brought through the revival of the mysteries of the Egyptian Rite.

The three volumes will point in a direction that Krishnamurti, in his dialogues, said nothing new from the time the 1880 letters were written to A.P. Sinnett as in centuries past. There is a coherent resonance between the message Krishnamurti gave and the Brothers gave to the Theosophical Society in 1875. When Krishnamurti stated that rituals, vows and initiations will not free one, it was the active imagination of the leaders of the Society to revive the old religions and ceremonials with new mental images, beliefs, paths, initiation’s and dogmas, all wrapped in new clothes to keep the membership in line, which are meaningless.

In all three volumes the documents will show how George Arundale allowed free reign to his imagination resulting in many fixed and material concepts dealing with the coming Maitreya, and Krishnamurti’s failure as the World-Teacher. By 1931, you will read the appearance of a number of rituals for the use in the Egyptian Rite such as the Rose and the Cross having been dropped by the Order of the Star, and many communications from the Master’s regarding Their invested energy or force in the center of Huizen. The three volumes will contain information regarding the status of Their Pupils that signed the Promise of 1933 according to George Arundale. These Letters of communication from the Master’s are not directly written by Them, but George Arundale wrote down these letters to whom they are attributed. The World University according to George, had a promising beginning, but by 1932 George admitted its failure. By 1934 the battle between Herbrand Williams and George Arundale, two very powerful egos wanting to gain control over the Egyptian Rite caused a great deal of stress and conflict within the organization. In closing, Joseph Chilton Pearce’s The Crack in the Cosmic Egg touches the very core, that a crack in our self-world view, is a crack in our identity-reality that opens the doors of perception or insight locked shut by the limitations and constraints imposed by culture and so-called religious organizations.

Joseph Ross, November 1, 2020